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My prayer:

I stand on the shoulders of the generations
before me in gratitude filled with love,
for I know I am not alone.
All the love and wisdom, hard work and
sacrifice is instilled in me to do this work.

-thank you.

Every day, there’s a new story making the headline screaming at me to get my attention.

A Homeless Man Dies on the Street.

Food Banks are Needing more Donations.

Another Innocent Person has been Shot.

Factory Closes and Thousands are Out of Work.

Suicide Rates go Up Again.

Schools are Becoming too Dangerous for our Children.

Cost of Housing is only for the Rich.

Senior Citizen Died Alone in Home no one Noticed.

More Diseases Today than Ever Before.

Is our Food Safe? What Should we Eat? What Not to Eat.

These are all sad stories and do get your attention, however after a while you can’t look anymore and you must try to avoid it. You begin to feel sick and you secretly pray that none of these ever happen to you. You think you’re safe, for now. On top of all of the breaking news stories, we are told to discover our purpose in life then it will become more meaningful. You know the story we’re to go to school, then get a job, find a spouse buy a house, buy a nicer car, have children, keep working and retire and enjoy life. Seriously! Give me a f*ck’n break.

We all want to be seen. We all want to know that we matter. How is avoiding what’s going on going to help us? For those who are still the brave ones who are out there trying to do something, I tip my hat to you. You are the braves ones. However, I also know that this is a sinking ship. Not because you’re not trying but because you can only do so much yourself. The problems always seem bigger than our attempts. And to those who you are actually helping, you are changing their lives. You deserve an Oscar, an award of bravery like no other. You are doing something to change a life.

We can make a difference. We can start small and work together and create lasting change. Changing one life at a time and ultimately changing the world.

If there could be a community building, a safe place within your own community. Maybe it could be a home or an abandoned building or something. Some place where everyone can come together with an open heart. When you walk through the doors you know you are loved just as you are. Not how society wants you to be.

Inside is where you can be yourself. It’s a place where you can teach what you know.

For example, teaching basic life skills from cooking, shopping on a budget, preserving your food and how to grow your food. Sharing this knowledge with the younger generations. Recipes are shared and passed down to the next generation; the ones who are hungry. Hungry for conversation and knowledge together we share this over a great meal. You cannot buy this type of wisdom. This teaching kitchen grows into a cafeteria for the people who come to the center. It also open its doors to the public and becomes a restaurant. What a gift to be given this, if a young person who feels lost gains a new relationship and new skills that may allow their confidence to spread their wings out into the community. They could open their own business, which would build so much more than money coming into the community.

Both the teacher/mentor and student now gain a new sense of purpose. We are meant to come together and work together. Remember it takes a village to raise a child.

Now you’ve started to change the world.

This mentoring program style is also taken into home repairs, like repairing an appliance, changing faucets, light fixtures and so forth. There’s a retired handyman in the community that doesn’t have any family around who feels lonely and would love to get out and share his knowledge with someone who could really use it. A young man walks in the doors with a sense of needing direction in his life and he meets our retired handyman. The two share stories and the young man learns skills no one had ever taken the time to teach him. Both now have a new friendship, a sense of purpose and this young man can now share what he’s learned, he goes out into the community and becomes the handyman that everyone admires. He now has a sense of pride being able to make a difference in someone else’s life.

We have gotten away from the contact of others and have allowed fear to replace our natural need for connection.

Within this building, is also  a school with a curriculum based on passion learning including basic life skills. These can be taught for all ages. We are all born with a passion to do something wonderful and we all know our current school systems crush this in the early years. Within this building, we encourage everyone to be who they are. We remove all grades and report cards and have the school be all year long. The child depends it’s knowledge as he or she has learnt the supporting skills necessary.

We believe in people. We believe in the human spirit. We believe people want to be loved and be recognized. We all want to know we matter. To be acknowledged for who we are, not for what we think society wants us to be.


We can build better caring communities. People are seeking a change, not just a hand out. An opportunity to do something for each other with compassion. Everyone wants to have purpose in their life

We can change the headlines of tomorrow’s story. Building Better Caring Communities is coming to a community near you. It’s your time to make a difference. This is your life purpose.

Breaking News!

People Really do Care. Crime Rates have dropped.

We’re Living Longer.

Employment Rates have Dropped.

Suicide Rates have Dropped.

Less Disease Means less Needs for Hospitals.


-by Denise Hamel