We don’t teach, we awake what is sleeping inside.

Learning school subjects the traditional way can be frustrating and difficult at times.  Our tutoring center is not like any other. We use an approach that allows your child to understand the subjects in his own way, not the school’s way. This increases the confidence and perseverance of your child wanting to succeed.


All subjects, not only numeracy and literacy should be integrated in learning. This includes subjects from kindergarten to Grade 12 such as: Sciences, Social Studies (Geography and History), Health and Physical Education, the Arts such as (Music, Dance, Visual Arts and Drama). The integration helps in applying what we learn in different contexts.

Learning Skills and Work Habits

We also work on Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative and Self-Regulation. You can find these on the first page of your child’s report card

Character Building

We also have a character building program so that your child learns to know himself or herself better. This will facilitate the achievement of their strengths and perceive their weaknesses which will eliminate frustrations all along their schooling.

Let us introduce one of our mentors.

Hi, my name is Eric Tanguay. I am a teacher in Ontario since 1999.
I have taught all subjects from junior kindergarten up to grade 8. I have also taught at the high school level. I have taught summer school with a great success rate.
I believe in learning through what brings passion to your child’s life. Learning should be fun and applicable in every day life immediately.